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Stories Published Between 7/1/2014 And 10/1/2014
9/30/2014 A KPA Shop Plans to Hook Participants with New Newsletter
9/30/2014 Reich Amps Up LPL's Participant Education Alliance
9/30/2014 Haderer Now Operates at a Higher Level at Mercer
9/30/2014 Pentegra's Swisher Hires in SoCal
9/29/2014 Voya's Beams Wins Trade Pub Praise Again
9/29/2014 401k Vs Other Benefits: How Should Participants Allocate Their Dollars?
9/29/2014 There is a New 401k For Us All
9/29/2014 UBS Wins Over a KPA in Texas
9/26/2014 Gross' Move Lands Him In a DC I-O Niche
9/26/2014 This $193.3B DC I-O Giant's Superstar Jumps
9/26/2014 An Arizona KPA Shop Rebrands and Expands
9/25/2014 Fight Robo Advisors With BeFi
9/25/2014 Castille Prepares to Double CoRI's Reach
9/25/2014 ABG's Mackanos Now Offers a Financial Wellness Program to 401k Participants
9/25/2014 A Maryland KPA Moves To a New B-D
9/25/2014 Seen and Heard at Envestnet's First Retirement Symposium
9/24/2014 DST To Cut 150 Jobs
9/24/2014 A North Carolina KPA Shop Adds a Rep
9/24/2014 AllianceBernstein Beefs Up Its DC Team with Three New Hires
9/24/2014 Retirement is the New Healthcare: Graff Issues a Warning
9/24/2014 A Call to 401k Data Arms
9/24/2014 Will Advisors and Their Allies Warm to Envestnet's Retirement QuILTS?
9/23/2014 Dimensional is Targeting Retirement
9/23/2014 Toroso Welcomes a New KPA
9/23/2014 RIIA Names its 2014 Award Winner
9/23/2014 The Envestnet Team Makes Their DC Pitch in Chitown
9/22/2014 Mesirow's New Retirement Plan Advisory Chief Comes From Within
9/22/2014 Randy Long Hires a 24-Year Mesirow Vet
9/22/2014 Participants Say Personal Budgeting and the Company Match Drive Deferral Decisions
9/22/2014 Another ING Vet Takes a Key Post at CUNA Mutual
9/19/2014 Morgan Stanley Welcomes a $4.5B Merrill Team
9/19/2014 The Lincoln Trust Team Mourns a 36-Year-Old 401k Vet
9/19/2014 An Atlanta Consulting Shop Adds a DC Chief
9/18/2014 40 Years: Celebrate With Borzi
9/18/2014 A California KPA Shifts to NFP
9/18/2014 Lincoln's Kennedy Picks a Strategy Chief
9/18/2014 Washington Wealth Management Welcomes Two KPAs
9/18/2014 A TPA Trumpets His Entry Into SoCal
9/17/2014 Marcia Wagner Extends Her Reach in Florida
9/17/2014 Wells Fargo Aces Signatures
9/17/2014 Mutual Of Omaha's John Corrieri is Hiring
9/17/2014 Iwry Wants Tweaks
9/16/2014 Iwry Details a Full Regs Pipeline
9/16/2014 PSCA is DFA'd
9/16/2014 What's a Fair Way to Pay For a 401k? Hancock's Asking You
9/16/2014 An Ohio Benefits Shop Adds a Ex-Bank KPA
9/16/2014 PlanSponsor's Freshly-Acquired Parent Now Has a New CFO, Too
9/15/2014 A Virginia KPA Moves to NFP
9/15/2014 Guardian's Davis Hires a Field Director of 401k Sales
9/15/2014 Two Execs Join a TPA to Focus on the OC
9/12/2014 Two Florida KPAs Launch a Sweet RIA
9/12/2014 Lincoln's Kennedy Adds Four and Hunts For More
9/12/2014 TIAA-CREF Has a New Online Focus
9/11/2014 Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Marketplace
9/11/2014 Kilgallen Hires Neuberger Berman's First DC I-O Marketing Chief
9/11/2014 A Father and Son Open a Midwestern CapTrust Branch
9/11/2014 An Oregon RIA Hires
9/10/2014 With the Three-Way Integration "Well-Underway," Murphy Preps a New Brand and a New Org Chart
9/10/2014 Aspire Amps Up Its Online 403 Offerings
9/10/2014 Ed Murphy Takes Over
9/9/2014 An Ohio KPA Pulls a B-D Switcheroo
9/9/2014 Ohl Heads to a B-D: Beams Anoints a Replacement at Voya
9/9/2014 NIPA Unveils a New Scholarship
9/8/2014 Another SoCal KPA Aligns With NFP
9/8/2014 Mingo's Next Big Thing Is Almost Here
9/8/2014 Pentegra Outlines the SmartPath For Plan Sponsors
9/5/2014 A SoCal KPA Haas a New B-D
9/5/2014 Giordano's New Hire Targets Larger Market Advisors
9/5/2014 Hancock "Calendarizes" Advisors' 401k Service Model
9/4/2014 Where Are You Going This Fall?
9/4/2014 Fielding Miller's CapTrust Makes Another Big Splash in the Midwest
9/4/2014 Three Regional VPs Join Bologna's Team at Ascensus
9/4/2014 The Standard's Taylor-Rodriguez Hires in Missouri
9/4/2014 At His New GRP, Chetney Makes Another Key Hire
9/3/2014 It's a Done Deal: This TPA is Expanding To California
9/3/2014 DiCenso Lands
9/3/2014 OneAmerica Seals Yoerger's Latest Deal
9/2/2014 JPM Retirement Crew Finishes Unpacking at GWL
9/2/2014 MassMutual Welcomes New Instie Chief
9/2/2014 Voya's Voyage Has Begun
9/2/2014 "Procrastination is the Enemy."
9/2/2014 A California Based KPA Switches Broker-Dealers
8/29/2014 NFP Welcomes a SoCal 401k Advisor
8/29/2014 Cambridge Names a Retirement Chief
8/29/2014 The Financial Telesis Sale is Done
8/28/2014 Step One to Become a Top KPA
8/28/2014 A Golden State RPAG Member Changes B-Ds
8/28/2014 A 401k Vet Takes Over Ops at a SoCal TPA
8/28/2014 The Retirement Advisor Council Adds a KPA and a DC I-O to Its Board
8/28/2014 80.6 Percent of Participants In This State Are in Low-Scoring 401ks
8/27/2014 An Empire State RPAG Member Makes His Move
8/27/2014 An Illinois Insurance Brokerage Adds a KPA in Chitown
8/27/2014 The Deferral Rate Gender Gap Shrinks, But Remains
8/27/2014 Ray Jay Welcomes a Beverly Hills KPA Team
8/27/2014 In Pittsburgh, a Pair of KPAs Align With Pensionmark
8/26/2014 A Colorado KPA Changes B-Ds
8/26/2014 BrightScope Sees Law Firms' 401ks On Top, Again
8/26/2014 Two KPA Units Combine Into a $10B Shop
8/26/2014 After 20 Years, a Buck Vet Joins Segal Rogerscasey
8/26/2014 Dalessio Confirms a $514MM Pru Win
8/26/2014 Three Participant-Focused Execs Join Lincoln
8/25/2014 An Ohio KPA Switches to Axa
8/25/2014 The Case For Re-Enrollment: Reish and Ashton Team Up With a DC I-O
8/25/2014 Advisors Reduce Participants' 401k Confusion
8/22/2014 After the Buyout, a New England KPA Changes Careers
8/22/2014 Is the 401k More Confusing Than Health Insurance?
8/22/2014 Nine Choices Or Less: BMO's Perala Pushes Slimmer Investment Menus
8/21/2014 Ain't No Mountain High Enough
8/21/2014 An RKer's Sales Chief Hunts for a Midwest Director
8/21/2014 MassMutual's Buffington Anoints Seven Emerging Market Sales Execs
8/21/2014 A Georgia University Consolidates Its $33MM Plans
8/21/2014 OneAmerica's Citron Hires a Principal Vet
8/21/2014 Cornelio Offers Lincoln's Plan Sponsors Three Flavors of Investing Menus
8/21/2014 Jania Stout is Starting a New KPA Shop
8/20/2014 Seen and Heard at Matrix's 14th Conference
8/20/2014 Frustaglio Brings a TPA Vet to Nationwide's Side
8/19/2014 53 RPAG Members Choose This B-D
8/19/2014 79 Percent of Advisors Ignore 401k: Can Envestnet Empower Them to Enter?
8/19/2014 TRA Hires In the Mid-Atlantic Region
8/19/2014 A New York RIA adds $53MM and an Advisory Board
8/18/2014 A Quarter of a Trillion is Just a Start
8/18/2014 Matrix and Envestnet Team Up
8/17/2014 14 and Counting: Moody and Co Begin Their Biggest Conference Yet
8/15/2014 With a Bank's Backing, a PA KPA Just Went RIA-Only
8/15/2014 The Gen X Retirement Crisis That Isn't. So Says EBRI.
8/15/2014 How Can Participants See the Importance of Deferring More Now?
8/14/2014 Calling For Help
8/14/2014 This Producing TPA Switched to Financial Telesis Before the Sale
8/14/2014 MStar and a DC I-O Giant Forge a TDF Alliance
8/14/2014 Pru Wins a $232MM Pennsylvania Plan
8/14/2014 36 Percent of Participants Have Never Upped Their Deferrals
8/13/2014 TIAA-CREF Wins a $24MM 403b in Tennessee
8/13/2014 Reich Takes LPL's Worksite Program Online
8/13/2014 An ERISA Lawyer Joins CapTrust, As an Advisor
8/13/2014 Schlichter Calls on the Supremes
8/12/2014 DC Plan Participants Are "Building Their Nest Eggs"
8/12/2014 43 Percent of Workers Want a Higher 401k Match
8/12/2014 A Georgia 401k RIA Aligns With NFP
8/11/2014 BNY's Mustin Appoints New Head of Its New Retirement Unit
8/11/2014 Patent Troll Sues Financial Engines
8/11/2014 A $10B Trio of Plans Sticks With Great-West
8/8/2014 A California 401k RIA Chooses Fortune
8/8/2014 Judge Smites a Cleveland Fiduciary with a $143K Ruling
8/8/2014 Mercer Wins Three Awards In Massachusetts
8/8/2014 An Ex-LPL SVP Joins Chetney's New GRP
8/7/2014 Getting a GRP on the Financial Telesis Deal
8/7/2014 After Realigning Wells Fargo's 401k Sales, Murray Makes Two Top Hires
8/7/2014 Hancock's Slotwinski Rises to Prez of a Trade Group
8/7/2014 A Pennsylvania KPA Shop Aligns With Pensionmark
8/6/2014 A $1.3B Financial Telesis Shop Switches B-Ds
8/6/2014 Participants' Stress Over Retirement Is On the Rise
8/6/2014 Advisors, Quiz Your Plan Sponsors
8/5/2014 One of Voya's Voices Departs
8/5/2014 Morabito Officially Elevates a Key Exec at Lincoln
8/5/2014 A 403b- and 457-Focused TPA Promotes
8/4/2014 Chong Makes a Big Sales Hire at CUNA Mutual
8/4/2014 A $22.5MM 401k Stock Drop Settlement Moves Forward
8/4/2014 An NJ 401k RIA Aligns With LPL
8/1/2014 Solving Technology Challenges with IT Outsourcing for Retirement Administrators
8/1/2014 NIPA Partners With Cerulli to Help TPAs
8/1/2014 These Minnesota KPAs Just Went RIA-Only
7/31/2014 Are You One of the Most Influential?
7/31/2014 Commonwealth Welcomes an Illinois KPA Shop
7/31/2014 Confirmed: Steady 401k Contributors Come Out Ahead
7/31/2014 Most Plan Sponsors Are In The Dark About Their Advisors' Roles
7/31/2014 An NJ TPA Rolls Out a 3-16 Service
7/30/2014 As an RKer, Do You Know Which of Your Services Are Highly Valued?
7/30/2014 Prescott Takes Over an Institutional Sales Team
7/30/2014 A Survey Shows a Glimmer of Hope for Pre-Retirees
7/30/2014 A Connecticut KPA Switches B-Ds
7/29/2014 11-k Update for the Week of July 29, 2014
7/29/2014 The Retirement Advisor Council Revamps Its Look
7/29/2014 401k Advisors Integrates Into NFP
7/29/2014 Retirement Savings Optimism Is Flimsy On Both Sides of the Pond
7/29/2014 NAGDCA Confers 2014 Plan Design Accolades
7/29/2014 NFP Wins Over an RPAG and Financial Telesis Exec
7/28/2014 A TPA Expands in the Rockies
7/28/2014 A 401k Advisors Team Joins Chetney
7/28/2014 New York Life Fits a $350MM Plan's Mold
7/28/2014 The Retirement Savings Crisis is Now an Onion Joke
7/28/2014 RKers and DC I-Os, Where Are You Adding Value For Advisors?
7/25/2014 Three KPAs Launch an RIA in Chicago
7/25/2014 An IRA Recordkeeper Upgrades Online
7/25/2014 Kirk Expands Newport's Midwestern Reach
7/24/2014 Versus Finra
7/24/2014 Mackanos Makes a Retirement Income Alliance
7/24/2014 Brambley Adds a VP
7/24/2014 Voya's New Platform De-Abstracts The Nest Egg
7/24/2014 An RKer Preps an App and a Program Redesign
7/24/2014 A $3B KPA Team Tweaks Its Brand and Expands.
7/23/2014 401ks vs. HSAs: How Do Sponsors Approach the Savings Debate?
7/23/2014 Two DC I-O Execs Join BMO
7/23/2014 Kalamarides Inducts a Stable Value Chief at Pru
7/23/2014 A Virginia KPA Shop Swaps B-Ds
7/23/2014 Sperling Advocates 401k Reform
7/23/2014 Despite Sponsors' Fears, Most Participants Want a Slight Nudge, Or More
7/22/2014 11-k Update for the Week of July 22, 2014
7/22/2014 Salisbury Keeps EBRI's Status Quo Post-Adams
7/22/2014 Late-Start Savers Need Not Take Austerity Measures
7/22/2014 Castle Rock Teams Up With a Network of Indie B-Ds
7/22/2014 Is Bloomberg the Next BrightScope?
7/22/2014 Retirement Battle of the Sexes: Who Takes Advantage of the Match?
7/22/2014 Fido Successfully Woos $37.2B
7/22/2014 Nevin "Graffted": A Trade Group Reorgs
7/21/2014 Envestnet Steps Out of the 401k Shadows
7/21/2014 ING Wins a Consolidated $663.8MM 457
7/21/2014 MassMutual's Morabito Hires 8 RMs
7/21/2014 Attorneys and Advisors Weigh In as CFO Magazine Ponders 401k Lawsuits
7/21/2014 Wagner Hires ERISA Litigation Muscle
7/18/2014 A $2.93B 401k Manager Moves On
7/18/2014 This $52B Shop Is Expanding Its DC I-O Team
7/18/2014 Does America Need a Taste of New Zealand's KiwiSaver?
7/18/2014 The CEO of America's Retirement Company Is Trying to Demystify Savings
7/18/2014 $91,000 Per Participant and Counting
7/18/2014 An RIA Hires in Colorado
7/17/2014 Times Square Beckons You
7/17/2014 O'Connor Appoints a Retirement Exec at Ray Jay
7/17/2014 SageView Hires In Boston
7/17/2014 Morningstar Pays $61MM to Settle a 401k Tech Fight
7/17/2014 A $7.9B 401k Sponsor Isn't Off the Stock-Drop Hook Yet
7/17/2014 AMG Funds is Now On Another DC I-O Platform
7/17/2014 TIAA-CREF's Moslander: Sponsors, Prepare for the Troops' Return
7/16/2014 Sponsors Wonder About In-Plan Roth Rollovers
7/16/2014 Chong Picks DiSalvo's Successor at CUNA Mutual
7/16/2014 A 401k Benchmarker Lands a Distribution Alliance
7/16/2014 55 percent of Participants Favor Auto-Escalation
7/16/2014 A Maryland Benefits Shop Promotes Its KPA Chief
7/16/2014 11-k Update for the Week of July 16, 2014
7/16/2014 Does the ERISA Advisory Council Have the 'Power' to Turn Borzi Into a MEPster?
7/15/2014 SunGard Buys Up a Web-Focused Shop Led By a Familiar Face
7/15/2014 Millennials Want More 401k Advice
7/15/2014 RBG Adds an Advisor in Central California
7/15/2014 Padgette Sells Klein Decisions and Stays On
7/15/2014 Raskin Hires for King & Spalding's DC Practice
7/15/2014 Federated's Burke Hires an Ex-Ascensus Bigwig
7/14/2014 20 Years and Counting: A $2.2B RKing TPA Celebrates
7/14/2014 A Massachusetts TPA Hires One
7/14/2014 401k Stock Fund Fees Dip Nine Percent
7/14/2014 Six in Ten Working Americans Believe in DC Plans
7/14/2014 A 401k Advisor Network Offers M&A Support
7/14/2014 Pentegra Names Two to a Board
7/14/2014 Mercer Gets Professorial With Participants
7/14/2014 An $858MM Sponsor's Company Stock Fund Won't Keep Going and Going
7/14/2014 A Growing Midwestern 401k RIA Allies With a B-D
7/11/2014 The "Adams" Family: Nevin Decides to Move Out
7/11/2014 USI Consulting Group Picks a President for Its RIA
7/11/2014 Fido's Driving a Fortune 500 Sponsor's $609MM 401k
7/11/2014 A Giant Indie B-D Group Hunts for 401k Experts
7/10/2014 Caught in the Middle of LPL and RPAG?
7/10/2014 A 401k Lawsuit Puts Ameriprise's Asset Management Chief in the Spotlight
7/10/2014 Does TIME Tell the Tale of Participants' Future?
7/10/2014 Fido's Fisher Sees a Plan Design Inflection Point
7/10/2014 RBG Adds an Advisor in Riverside
7/10/2014 Envestnet Buys a 401k Player
7/9/2014 Jumbo Sponsors Barely Flinch at the Supreme Court's Stock Ruling
7/9/2014 As Financial Telesis Sells, Giovinazzo Draws a Line in the Sand
7/9/2014 An RKer Launches an Outcome-Focused Dashboard
7/9/2014 MassMutual Wins a 100,000-Member Org's Thumbs Up
7/9/2014 Annuities Are More Costly, But Income Replacement Edges Up
7/9/2014 Fee Problems: Disclosure or Indifference?
7/9/2014 Transamerica's Crane Hires a CUNA Mutual Sales Exec
7/9/2014 EBRI Opens Up 2014 Nominations
7/9/2014 Callahan Shares His Vision For His Freshly Combined Transamerica Unit
7/8/2014 11-k Update for the Week of July 8, 2014
7/8/2014 Morningstar Settles With Business Logic
7/8/2014 OneAmerica Unveils a New Plan Evaluation Tool
7/8/2014 Aspire and URPC SOAR in Formation With a Bank
7/8/2014 A Tennessee Advisor Joins LPL RPG
7/8/2014 Davis Hires Six at Guardian
7/8/2014 A Garden State TPA Buys Local
7/8/2014 T. Rowe and Brightscope Forge an Alliance
7/8/2014 This Bundled RKer Seeks a Tax-Exempt-Market Chief
7/7/2014 Finance Execs Want DB-Like Outcomes From DC
7/7/2014 MassMutual and a DC I-O Partner on Asset Allocation
7/7/2014 A $2.3B Sponsor Manufactures a New 401k and Zaps Its Stock Fund
7/7/2014 SPARK's Chief Remains Critical of TDF Disclosure
7/7/2014 LPL Announces Its Financial Telesis-Chetney Deal
7/7/2014 Williams Finds Financial Telesis' Perfect Marriage
7/7/2014 A CFDD Partnership Incentivizes Conference Attendance
7/3/2014 Chetney Holds the Globe in his Hands
7/3/2014 An RKing TPA Intros a Mobile App
7/3/2014 Cambridge Unveils a Pair of Retirement Alliances
7/3/2014 Corporate Insight Has a New Research Head
7/2/2014 B-Ds, and Now Custodians, Too, Want In
7/2/2014 AI Preps a DC I-O Data Tool
7/2/2014 Every Fourth Participant Shoots Themself in the Foot
7/2/2014 Transamerica Launches Webinars
7/2/2014 Lockheed's News Is No Good News for DC I-Os
7/2/2014 Wilson Adds to the Allianz DC I-O Sales Team
7/2/2014 Why Are Tillinghast and Skinner Betting on Real Estate in DC?
7/1/2014 As Transamerica Reorgs, Nybo Shifts Focus
7/1/2014 11-k Update for the Week of July 1, 2014
7/1/2014 A Big Beantown Fund Firm Debuts R6 Shares
7/1/2014 Pru Integrates a $65MM DC Plan
7/1/2014 Pru Wins a Health System's $91MM DC Plan
7/1/2014 Fido Pushes TDF Fees Below Vanguard
7/1/2014 Iwry Slashes 401k Red Tape for Longevity Annuities
7/1/2014 Shuman Grows MassMutual's Not-For-Profit Group With a New Chief
7/1/2014 Edelman Explains Einstein's Eighth Wonder

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